Artist and Designer
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Mister Westrup

Artist and Designer
Instagram - Mister Westrup
Twitter - @misterwestrup

Red Velvet by Mister Westrup
Rebecca Fox by Mister Westrup
4. September 2014

As an artist, price has got to be one of my biggest frustrations.

How do you price art?

Do you price it per hour? If so, how do you know what that should be? If you earn £12 an hour in your day job, then what should you charge per hour for your artwork?

My artwork can only be produced by me, no one else can replicate it…how do I price that?

The problem is if I value my work, you won’t want to purchase it, you’ll think it’s ‘too much’.

That’s what frustrates me. Most people are happy to go out and spend £60 on the same pair of trainers all their friends have. £90 on that same plain white Ralph Lauren Polo that’s been doing the rounds for the last ten years. £30 on a cheap boquet for your girlfriend on valentines day, that die 4 days later. £40 for a dinner for 2….don’t get me started on paying a fortune for something that will later come out of your ass. MADNESS

So how am I meant to price my one off, original piece of custom artwork made solely for you - when you don’t know a products true value.

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'LA Dreams' by Mister Westrup
Jena Frumes by Mister Westrup
Darelle Oliver by Mister Westrup
Jessie Victoria by Mister Westrup
Photography by Mister Westrup
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